Life from the perspective of an INTP- Part I

I’ve been reluctant to start this blog, mostly because I feel that it will give permanence to my thoughts and feelings (both past and present). This is because my present thoughts are constantly evolving, changing and being refined as I come to grips with my recent (first?) and hopefully final dramatic confrontation with my subconscious. As for my past thoughts and feelings, especially related to those experienced during this confrontation, well, I’d much prefer that they never existed and that I could forget about them and move on. But, I did think/feel them and they unfortunately did exist, so I’ve decided to accept them as part of my existence/life experience, work to understand them, myself, others, my place in the world and hopefully better myself in the process (and hopefully help others along the way).

I’m also reluctant because I think I might fail, abandon ship, or become disinterested and turn my Ti back to the ideas and things that used to keep me occupied before this whole “life experience”. Never getting the chance to fully express my story to the world (however small it may be) and satisfy my desire for personal enlightenment.

So to all those out there that choose to join me in this journey through my past experiences as a means to be “at peace” with my being– please post comments, challenge my ideas, bring interesting ideas/facts/personal experiences to my attention and discuss. I want to tell this story, but most of all I want to hear the thoughts/feelings/ideas of others on my experience, their experiences and whether a similar or different experience led to their own self-discovery (and what it feels like once you get there!). For now I’m just happy that I wrote a few words down.

Welcome and onwards.


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About intpblogger

I'm a 29 year old female currently wrapping up my PhD in Neuroscience, which looked at the molecular underpinnings of learning and memory. I've just recently stumbled upon the fascinating world of personality types and how our type guides our perception of the world, the people around us and the decisions we make. I'm especially interested in the process through which neuromodulators, released during periods of stress, bonding and romantic love/limerence influence our personalities (and how this might differ between types). My posts will be based on a mixture of thoughts, personal experiences, ideas and things I've read along the way. Since I've traditionally stuck to the molecular/cellular side of neuroscience and possibly scoffed at social psychology in the past (ashamed) I only "discovered" Myers-Briggs theory and myself a week ago, after a seemingly long period of a what I would call an "identity crisis". But more on that later. As an INTP (I think), I'd like to think I have some unique insight to share with all of you, but I don't necessarily think I hold all the answers nor will I be able to express them as clearly as some would wish. So, I welcome all clarifications, challenges, criticisms, different perspectives, thoughts, personal experiences from other INTPs as well as all other personality types that choose to join me on this journey. The idea here is to gain insight into my mind and the mind of others through the mutual sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences. Onwards.

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